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Unofficial summer kick off

The summer is unofficially here.  With memorial day weekend here, it is finally the time of year that we all wait for. The bitter cold is gone and even though the winter didn’t provide us with too much cold or any snow, knowing that it’s nearly impossible at this point, is comforting.

I don’t normally do anything to kick off the unofficial start, but this year is different. I’m down the shore (it’s a Jersey thing) and I’m all in. Excited for the summer and the adventures that it might bring.  Camping, golfing, and D.C are on deck but other adventures are yet to reveal themselves.

So in preparation for the summer I am naming some of the things I’m excited for…

–  refreshing watermelon
–  sun showers
–  the breeze after thunderstorms
–  long island iced tea’s
–  cold beer
–  evening drives with the windows down
–  at least one swim in the pool
–  homemade fruit smoothies
–  sitting outside for brunch or happy hour
–  my rooftop with sweeping views of the nyc skyline

I’m sure there’s more, but those are what immediately comes to mind. I hope and pray for a good summer. It looks like it will, I just hope it holds up that way. Hope you have a great weekend and summer as well.  Let’s make it happen.