Isagenix Review

So, this post is a bit different than my regular ones, though I don’t know if I have a regular kind of post.  Let’s face it, I’m all over the place.  In any case, the reason for this post about Isagenix is because I’ve tried it recently.

For those of you not familiar with Isagenix, it is billed as a lifestyle, not a diet, that promises significant weight loss results.  The reason why they use the term lifestyle is because you get the best results if you use their products consistently.  I was introduced to this by my girlfriend, who was very bought into what the products could offer.  Me, being the skeptic I am, thought the whole program was nothing more than another scheme to get people’s money.  You can Google Isagenix just like I did, and you will see plenty of articles for and against the program, and having read my share of the negative reviews, I was convinced that it wasn’t something I would ever try.

Fast forward a few months, my girlfriend was scheduled to move in, and after a few subtle hints from her to give the products I try, I thought…why not.  A few years back, I did a “challenge” that progressively eliminated certain types of food from my diet, for a month.  The last week of the “challenge” was a completely raw fruits and vegetables diet.  At the time I didn’t think I had to lose any weight, but I lost 20 pounds and hadn’t looked better.  Of that 20 pounds, I kept off about 15, largely because I kept with some of the basic principles of it (less red meat, less processed foods, olive oil over vegetable oil, whole wheat over white bread, etc…).  My point is, I had taken away something useful from the challenge and felt that maybe I could learn something from Isagenix.

So, we did a 9 day cleanse (actually 11 days).  The cleanse is a combination of cleanse days (minimal caloric intake) and shake days.  The calorie intake on cleanse days was probably less than 500.  Shake days averaged around 1400 calories, which isn’t too bad.  Shake days consisted of two shakes as meal replacements, and one 400-600 calorie meal.  This also included two 100 calorie snacks.  On cleanse days we had to drink some sort of cleansing concoction four times a day, and were allowed small snacks (30 calories) to help ward off hunger.  And on all of the days we were required to drink lots of water.

Going into the challenge, I was convinced that it would be a diet that encouraged starving, which would naturally lead to weight loss.  And though the caloric intake was very low, I never felt extremely hungry.  No long bouts of growling stomachs, or hunger headaches.  My mind definitely wandered and thought about all types of food, but that’s largely because I love to eat.  After 11 days, I lost 11 pounds and over 20 inches.

I have no expectation that I will keep it all off because I don’t plan on maintaining the same eating habits.  However, I did learn a few things.  Note, that a lot of the things you can learn from this system, you can learn by reading any healthy eating journal.  For example, the cleanse pushed me to drink more water.  And sure enough, more times than not, I was thirsty, not hungry…and so the hungry feeling went away.  I learned that the shakes were really good and satisfying, and I want to continue to use them as a breakfast meal replacement.  One of the reasons is that I barely have time for breakfast, and the nutrients I can get from the shake, are much better than me not eating at all.  It’s also allowed me to take a different look at calories, and the types of calories I consume.  I don’t necessarily count calories, but I have a better idea of what I need to consume to maintain my weight.

Again, none of these things are ground breaking or foreign, but it’s what I needed to give me the push to pay more attention to these things.  It’s helped me grow.  As I said, I love food, so much that it’s one of my major motivations for travel.  But I’m also aware of my health, and my desire to stay in good health.

If you are considering Isagenix, I’d say give it a shot.  Try the 9 day cleanse (there is a 30 day cleanse).  It’s a flexible program, that and it has a lot of support.  I lot of pro-Isagenix blogs will focus on it’s cleansing value.  I’m no scientist, so I can’t comment on that.  I get it from a theoretical level, but that doesn’t make it true, so I’ll leave it to you to do your own research.  But if you’d like to try something that can potentially help you take control of eating habits, and push you closer to a healthier lifestyle, it’s a good opportunity.  Keep in mind, you have plenty of options.  You can Google clean eating and get a ton of free information.  But if you’re like me, a program like this might be a good push.

Though my purpose for this post isn’t to sell you the product, if you’re interested, message me and I can help you out.  I hope you found this information useful.


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