Monthly Archives: May 2013

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should (Part 1)

The title says it all.  There are lots of things you can do in life, but just because you can do them, doesn’t mean you should.  Here a few of those things that I can think of at this moment.

1. Careless Pedestrians

In NJ, it is state law to yield to pedestrians.  This is a great law, which is meant to reduce the number of people being hit by cars, especially in areas where there are a large amount of pedestrians.  Hoboken N.J is one of those places.  However, the side effect of such a law, is that people begin to think they are invincible.  That just because they are walking into a crosswalk, all cars should stop, and that they have no responsibility to protect themselves and the driver.  The truth is, not all situations will allow a vehicle to come to a complete stop to allow you to cross the street.  It’s important that you pay attention to the traffic just as much as they pay attention to you.  So just because the law says that cars must yield to you, don’t just jump into traffic assuming your actions are correct.

2.Chatty Cathy

They are developing quiet cars on trains for a reason.  While commuting to or from work, not everyone wants to hear your conversation, and they especially don’t want to hear your loud music.  Yes, it’s your phone (or iPod or whatever), and you have the right to use it however you want.  But just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should.  If you have to talk on the train or bus, try talking quietly.   Or don’t get mad when other people decide to chime in on the conversation.

3. Know-It-All

Some people are very smart.  You might actually be one of those very smart people.  But some smart people feel the need to always jump into a conversation and give their take on what’s being said because well…like I said, they’re so smart.  They either know how to do it, know where to find it, had a different experience that they want to tell, had a similar experience that they want to tell, have the answer (according to them) and so on.  The thing is, I have nothing against these smart people.  They have proven to be very helpful at times.  However, just because you can jump into a conversation that doesn’t involve you and bless it with your genius, doesn’t mean you should.  The world will go on if you keep your opinion…I mean, facts to yourself.  The rest of us idiots will get it eventually.