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5 Random Life Observations…

Just some random stuff that was on my mind:

1. When you have somewhere to be, and you’re already running late, 9 times out of  10, you will hit every light along the way.  I guess the thing to do would be to stop running late, but it just happens, but why can’t the lights cooperate when this happens.  Why must they taunt me and make me angry.

2.  If you leave the room to “let one go,” the feeling will go away, only to return when you leave the room.  This one might just be me, but in an effort to not offend any female friends of mine, I will kindly leave a room to let go of the gas that has been building up.  It seems like the right thing to do, but inevitably, when I leave the room, the new position of my torso no longer forces the gas through my system.  Yet, as soon as I sit back down, it comes back.  Sorry, I will just have to let you get familiar with that side of me as well.

3.  Masturbation is a good cure for mild insomnia.  Maybe not the medical diagnosis of insomnia, but it still helps.  If you don’t believe me, try it.  Take one night where you are just having a hard time sleeping.  Maybe your mind is running on high, or you’re not that tired.  Either way, a good self release will help get you to the Sandman faster.  This won’t always work, but it should be an option in your toolbox of remedies.  Certainly sex can be substituted, but if you don’t have access to a partner, or if you don’t feel like using energy to please someone else, try this.

4.  No matter how hard you try, you will begin to act and say things like one of your parents.  We feel so independent, and that we are so individual, until you get into your late 20’s early 30’s.  Then one day it hits you…you are usually giving someone advice, but it can happen in any number of ways.  This is not to say that it’s a bad thing, unless the parent you’re turning into is a crackhead.  I have found that I’ve turned into my father.  I’m still an individual, and there are a lot of things that make me different from him, but the things that make us alike, still amaze me.  Luckily, he’s a great father, so I have no real issue with it, but it still is scary.  I watch him more closely now to see what I might be like when I’m older now.  SMH

5.  If your rear view mirror ever falls off, it is impossible to get it back on for any extended amount of time.  It’s like the glue they use to put it on, is only available in the factory.  Any after market glue is only good for a few months, at most.  Again, this could just be my experience, but I’m pretty sure I’ve witnessed others who have had this issue.  Oh well.

Those are 5 random life observations…any questions?


Life’s Miracle

We already know this, but life can be so funny at times, and not always in a good way.  When I was younger, I wasn’t one who abstained from sex.  I tried my best to be careful to avoid STD’s, and to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.  In my mind, it had seemed as if you could get someone pregnant simply by a kiss.  It seemed as if so many people I knew had gotten pregnant and were faced with the tough choices of either keeping the baby, adoption, or abortion.  In hindsight, it probably was much less prevalent than I believed.

The funny thing is….I guess ironic would work too, is that I now know so many people who are”trying” to get pregnant.  When i was younger, i would have never thought that you would have to try…you just have unprotected sex and bam!!  But it’s not so.  As a matter of fact, it truly is a miracle.  There are so many factors that must come into play in order to successfully have a baby.

I’m not at a point where I’m looking to have kids, but I can’t imagine what it would be like to have trouble having them.  And on this day of my birth, I respect and appreciate the true miracle it is.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have tried and been unsuccessful (thus far), and those of you who have lost young ones.  God Bless!

Something I’ve learned about me…

I hate when people talk too much.  Like unnecessarily talk to much.  I first noticed this at work.  During meetings, I hate when people go on and on about things that are not pertinent to the topic at hand.  I like the quick hit.  Let’s only spend time on things that are important to the topic.  Unfortunately, I don’t normally have control over that.  I’m at the mercy of whomever is running the meeting….if it is me, dam right I will handle that.

But then there’s friends, or rather, acquaintances.  Don’t get me wrong, in a time of need, I’m more than willing to lend an ear.  That’s what friends are for.  But sometimes, I just want to poke their eyes out.  Some people I know like to use the phrase, “to make a long story short.”  But seldom does that lead to a shorter story.  Well dam, how long was the original story??  I hear these words, and I know that’s a code for, “I want you to think that this will be a short story, but I really have a lot to say.”

Then there’s the story that takes the longest possible route to the end. It’s as if you entered a destination in the GPS, and selected “most roundabout route.”  Seriously, I have heard stories that start on one plane…then the story teller decides to give a little more background…then they give background to the background…and then more background to the background.  WTF!!!!  In most cases, the background they’ve given isn’t necessary.  It’s fluff to make the essay longer…I hate long essays for the sake of long essays.  Ugh…anyway, this is something I’ve learned about me and now you know too.  And the older I get, the shorter I want the story to be.  Soon, I’ll just want one word stories…I could only be so lucky.

Gift and a Curse..

In the above picture, you have Alicia Keys.  She’s a woman that I have….um….admired for some time.  In my opinion she makes some good music, has great pipes, and is well, attractive.  Her looks alone are of a quality that plenty of men hope to have by their side.  But, can they really handle it?  Can they cope with having such an attractive woman?

I have met, and heard of, plenty of insecure men out there.  These men have issues with their women hanging out with their friends without them present, talking to other men, and other men checking them out.  The fights I’ve heard started by insecure men are absolutely mind blowing.  Which leads me to believe that it’s a gift and a curse for those men to have attractive women on their arms.

I’d like to think of myself as a secure man, and I think I’ve been handling the attention my “Alicia Keys” gets, just fine.  Most notably, the amount of heads that turn is ridiculous.  It’s to a point now, where it’s comical.  I mean, these men have no regard for me….zero, zilch…absolutely none, and why would they?  Oh, and let’s be clear, she’s not walking around dressed like this…


She’s very conservative, but they still see the beauty.  I’m of the mentality that, she’s with me so as long as you don’t do or say anything disrespectful, it’s all good.  I know a younger version of  me might think differently, but I’m beyond those days.  What life will tell you is that, you can’t lock her in the basement (not that I’ve ever tried), and you can’t fight everybody, so you just have to be secure enough.  It’s true, you should be careful what you wish for.  In this case, you have to be mature enough for the gift.  If not, then maybe you should stick to unattractive females, lol.

That’s my food for thought…on today’s train of thought….now flush!!!