Why do I Blog?

I’m not sure why other people blog, but my reason for blogging is simple.  I have thoughts in my head that I need to get out, and by blogging I’m able to share those thoughts, hopefully, with open-minded people.  I hope to entertain, or let people know that they are not alone in those stray, and seemingly weird, thoughts they may occasionally have.  I will say that I am a very private person.  That seems ironic since my thoughts may give more insight into who I am than anything else.  But if you read my blogs, you’ll notice that I rarely give specific insight into the people in my life, and you will rarely (if ever) see my use the (real) names of people I know.  Blogging gives me an outlet; a platform to say things that are on my mind.  I don’t expect to change the world, but I do hope to get a better understanding of the world.  Your “likes” or comments afford me the opportunity to learn more about you, which in turn allows me to learn more about me.  Some blogs focus on a specific topic (wines, travel, etc…), but I have way to many things on my mind to narrow it down to such subjects.  Admittedly, I have a professional blog that allows me to converse with my colleagues and compare notes, but that is my secondary blog.  Thought Toilet is where I’m most comfortable.   The world is a big place, but at times we feel alone.  I am not immune to that feeling.  So I want to thank you for sharing in my thoughts and ideas.  It makes me feel better about myself, even when I’m already feeling pretty dam good.


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