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Life’s a Beach (Real Talk)


We have all probably heard of the term, life’s a bitch.  Well, have you heard the term, life’s a beach?  I heard it sometime ago, and though I understood the play on words, I can’t say that I understood it’s meaning.  Then I went on vacation, and it made sense to me, so I wanted to share my understanding with you.

There are plenty of things going on while on the beach.  There are people trying to sell you stuff, and there are people who are paying no attention to you.  There are those who are relaxing and enjoying the sun, and those who are chasing kids around, and keeping them out of trouble.  There are those who are swimming around in the water, and those who are just walking up and down the beach aimlessly.  As I said, lots going on, if you’re paying attention.  Just as in life, you will pass people on a regular basis, who are all doing different things for different reasons.  But it’s very busy.

In addition, you will find different types of people.  Obviously, there are many races, religions, and depending on where the beach is, many different nationalities.  You will notice that there are those who are there to have fun.  They will find fun no matter what, and they will be loud about how much fun they are having.  Then there are the people who want to make friends.  They figure, we are all here for the same reason, and having someone good to talk to only enhances the experience.  There are also those who just want to be left alone.  They are there for themselves.  They don’t want to make friends, but they do want to have fun…fun with either just themselves or whomever they are there with.  There are also the parents who are only there for there kids to have a good time.  There are people who look like models in their bathing suits, but most of them are very average.  You get my point.

The fact is, the beach has a lot going on, with many different kinds of people enjoying it…just like life.  During my trip, I made a few other observations.  On a few of the mornings, it rained heavily for about 30 minutes.  There were also some people who decided to sensitive issues (politics, healthcare, etc…), which was probably inappropriate considering they had just met; I think some feathers got ruffled.  There were some people who were loud, obnoxious, and very irritating.  There were people who got in your space, asked personal questions, and sometimes the staff didn’t seem very polite.  But from what I could tell, most people didn’t let these things bother them.  And why didn’t they let these things bother them?  Because, regardless of all of these irritations, they were still on a beach….how could you be mad when you’re hanging out on the beach?

We should all have that same mentality when it comes to life.  All of these things going on, and all of these possible irritants…we let them get to us.  Big issues, or little ones….they bothers us and prevent us from seeing that despite it all, we are living.  We have been given life.  How could you, or why would you, be upset when you’re on this beach?

Life is your beach.  It may not be pretty everyday.  It may rain, or you may step on a shell.  Hell, you might even get stung by a jelly fish.  But you’re on a beach.  You’ve been given this life, and while you’re on that beach, you should enjoy every moment of it.

As always, just my two cents.  Have a great week!!


Gone Camping

Okay, so as I continue my year of new things and new adventures, I am approaching my weekend of camping.  Yes, this weekend, I will be somewhere upstate NY, sleeping in a tent, and roughing it in the outdoors.  Here’s the thing…I have limited experience with camping.  When I was 8 or 9, I recall sleeping in tents in a friends backyard.  Not quite the same thing right?  How about, approximately 10 years ago, I stayed in a cabin.  This cabin had no running water, or electricity, but we did have a generator.   So I feel if I combine the two experiences, I’ve done some serious camping.

Even with that, I’m not sure what to expect.  I can’t quite picture what a campsite looks like.  I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do all day on Saturday, though I think there’s 12 of us going, so I’m not too concerned about activities.  Fishing, swimming, drinking, cooking, and games will probably take up a lot of time.  Sounds fun too.  Okay, but what about the bears?  I assume this should be a serious concern right?  Everyone says to just make sure we put our food away and the bears will have no reason to come around.  Do menstruating females attract them, lol (Anchor Man reference)?  If we happen to see one, what should we do?  I hear you’re supposed to make a lot of noise and appear big.  Easy to say from the comfort of my own home, but how about in his?  What about deer?  Do they pose a threat?  Will I get any sleep?  Is my camping experience a horror movie waiting to happen?

LOL, okay I’m not THAT concerned.  But it is a new experience that has me excited and slightly nervous.  I will say this, so far this year has been a fun year, and I chalk that up to me doing new things and trying different things, so I imagine this will fall into that as well.

If anyone has any advice or information, or funny stories to share about camping, I encourage them.  It will help me prepare.