The Importance of Communication

Communication can be seen In one of two ways

It can be an open book Or have you lying for days

It don’t matter what the subject matter you can still pay

For things that you do or the things you don’t say

It gets even worse when it’s a game that you play

Fucking with the other persons mind knowing that you just may

Cause a scar so deep that time will not fade

All because of a decision whose outcome you never weighed

You feel like they do it to so you thinking it’s okay

But from two wrongs one right was never made

And it coulda been avoided if you just caved

Said what’s on your mind the relationship you coulda saved

Now the lies go so deep you can only bathe

In the turmoil you caused now you’d better pray

For another chance and not keep the lines so gray

It may have worked when you were trying keeping love away

But that was another life and whole ‘nother time

All that bullshit worked before you found your dime

So respect the relationship and stay on your grind

I swear if you communicate it’s possible to find

That happiness you seek I know cuz I found mine

It’s a work in progress but yeah I’m doing fine

So say what’s on your mind and remember to stay true

Cause any communicating you don’t do is ultimately hurting you.


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