Life Junkie

Addicted to the emotion

Without it,

I feel as if I wouldn’t live

So like AA, or any sort of rehab

I need a place; this is that place… to bare my soul, and accept my addiction

Please don’t mistake my expressions,

Previous or future, as holier than thou sentiments

It’s just me expressing how I feel at the moment

Sometimes it’s so good… that is

And other times, it’s like a bad trip

And in this rehab, some days I have a lot to say

And others, I just want to be left by myself; alone in the corner

But everyday is like a new high

I inhale it, or connect it to my vein

Hoping that the journey that awaits is painless

Void of any emptiness that may pervade my soul in those dark moments

And those judging eyes of yours…I wish for them to look past me

Hoping that you are too self absorbed to notice what I’m going through

Because as much as I need you to provide for me, emotional charity

I don’t ever want you to think I’m dependent upon you or anyone else

See the life of a junkie…a junkie of life

Isn’t driven by what you think of me…

It’s a result of what I think of myself

And it’s those thoughts that drive my high, or the purpose thereof

An escape, a way to feel good

Or something that amplifies the self reflection and rips me to my core

It sounds extreme, but the the unemotional is equivalent to a flat-line

I need something above or below to know I’m alive

But I know that…I know what my needs are

Whether that’s good or bad, I don’t know

But it definitely is real

So as I stand here before you, exposing who am I and my addiction

I expect no judgement

I am a junkie addicted to life, and I’ll be back soon to confess my addiction once again

As I have no plan to quit.


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