The Grind

Here is another Real Talk throwback.  Again, something I wrote in 2005, but I feel can be applicable today.  Enjoy, and have a great week.

Today, I invite you to take an inspirational walk with me.  A quick walk that will hopefully give you some perspective on this everyday grind, that we call life.  A walk that will not end when there are no longer words on this page, but a walk that will commence with that last period, and be something that you can take with you as you ‘grind’ this upcoming week.  During this particular walk, I would like to share with you, a personal conflict.  I feel that the picture I can paint for you on these walls may be a familiar picture…if not for you, for someone you know.

On the afternoon of November 19, 1977, I was awoken to the sights, sounds, and smells of a world that promised me that I had a purpose for being here.  Even though at that moment I could not grasp what my purpose was, the mere fact that I had crossed over in to this world and took my first breath, gave me and my family hope that I would someday realize that purpose.  So with that, my family and friends, fed and nurtured me so I could grow strong, physically and emotionally.  But the rest was up to me.  I could only be armed with so many tools, and they would prove to be useless, less I stepped up and decided to create something with those tools.

Fast forward twenty seven years later.  I have had the blessing of being armed with the most amazing tools.  My pockets are heavy with knowledge, and my feet are fueled with motivation to run in the direction of success.  Yet, I find that I am running in place.  Even though I have evaluated every possible direction, and weighed the pros and cons for every step, I remain in one spot.  Possibly because when I have headed toward success, an unforeseen obstacle (boss, bad day, negative people, etc…) chased me back to my spot.

Well recently, my feet have grown tired.  I have found that I can only run in place for so long before I begin to wear down the soles of my feet.  All of that pounding in one spot has deteriorated the ground that I once stood firmly on, and as it deteriorates, I’m beginning to feel as if I am sinking.  See, I could simply stop running, but then I would cease to matter…and eventually, I would cease to exist.  Or, I could continue running in place, as most people tend to do, and fall in to a hole that is impossible to get out of, watching all of my options disappear before my eyes.  Or I could choose the one and only option that makes sense.  I know it is easier to stop running, or to continue to run in place but the obvious choice clearly outshines these two options.

So, as we end our walk and the journey that waits us Monday morning steadily approaches, let’s remember that our purpose may not be found out this week, but the possibility of getting one step closer to that purpose, relies on those motivated feet of ours.  Whether you’re at work and your boss or one of your colleagues stresses you, or you’re at home and one of your family members gets in your way, or whatever the obstacle you encounter may be, take a moment to yourself, breathe deep and say;

“I’M GONNA DO GREAT THINGS”…  (whatever that may mean to you)

And really believe it.

Then continue to run for your success…the daily grind will be worth it, because it’s secondary.  The purpose of life is much bigger than that.  I wish you a good week…


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