First Date Musts (For Men)

If you are single and dating, this is a must read.  All too often, we wonder what it is we need to do in order to attract the opposite sex.  There are too many variables to consider when it comes to attracting a woman (which I may cover at a later date), but if you have been lucky enough to get a date, there are only a few things you need to know in order to get a second date.  Do these things and you are almost guaranteed to see her again.  So without further delay.

1. Choose a thoughtful place for the date.  Dinner and a movie is for chumps (do people say chump anymore).  There’s comedy shows, adult arcades, etc…but if you really want to impress her, take her to a strip club.  Right off the bat she’ll be smitten by your appreciation of women.  In addition, your willingness to give charity to these young struggling women (who are obviously paying their way through school), highlights your giving nature.  Lastly, her self esteem will soar because she’ll immediately feel better about herself for not having to do such things for money; relying on her mind as opposed to her body, for profit.


Don’t ask too many questions.  Women hate to feel like they are being interrogated.  If you ask too many questions she will feel as if you are being nosy, and immediately become insecure.  Furthermore, she’s going to feel that you have something to hide, which will make her suspicious.  You should only talk about yourself, and whenever she begins to talk about herself, direct the conversation back to you.  She’ll be relieved that you are so in touch with yourself and can articulate all of the great things about you so easily.  It makes the “what do I like about him” conversation with her girlfriends later, easier.

3.  At least twice during the date, you must call her the name of an ex-girlfriend.  On the surface, this may sound like a bad idea, but women want to know you have the ability to love.  What better way to show your ability than to show that you still have another woman on your mind.  She will find this endearing, and anxiously hope that she will one day be the woman you mistakenly call another woman.


Be sure to compliment her on how she looks.  Not a subtle, “you look nice.”  Be very specific about a body part you are complimenting.  Chances are, she’s worked very hard to make herself look a certain way, and it’s almost rude to not point it out.  “Wow, you have huge perky breasts,” or “those lips look so good I can only imagine how they’d feel on every part of my body.”  These are the types of things she wants to hear.  It will make her feel as if all of her pre-date preparation was well worth it.

5.  At the end of the night, go in for a big wet tongue kiss.  Make sure you try to stick your tongue all the way down her throat, so to speak.  Tongue kissing is like the placement of the garter at a wedding.  The further you can get your tongue passed her lips, the more dates you guaranteed to have.  That may be an old wise tale, but the truth is, she wants to know if you like her.  You can tell her you like her, but actions speak louder than words.  A long wet tongue to the back of the throat is just the key.

If you’re feeling really connected, place your palm on her behind.  These acts together tell her that you like her, and you think she has a nice body.  She will feel well complimented and may invite you in at this point.  What you do from here, is up to you my friend.


Get drunk.  A woman wants a manly man.  Manly men drink, and they drink a lot.  It must be beer, scotch, or hard liquor straight up.  No mixed drinks allowed.  Make sure she knows at the end of the date, she was on a date with a man!!!

Use these tips wisely, and you are well on your way to a second date.  You’re welcome!!


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