A Sense for Life

I can’t see….

The future

But I can feel the intensity of my destiny

Though I don’t know what it is, I’m inspired to continue to travel my path

Certain that I will hit multiple milestones along the way, because I have faith

I can’t see…

What has yet to happen

But I still taste my past

And though each move has long been digested

Who I am, and where I am are all a product of that past

And though my life has been fulfilling, that doesn’t stop my hunger for more

I can’t see…

Many of the challenges coming my way

But I have a nose for problem solving

And I know that life can smell fear

So I keep my mentality kill or be killed

Staying alert as I move forward, not with fear, but with purpose

I can’t see…

All of the success that is awaiting me

But I urge you to listen for my footsteps

Because I’m not walking forward quietly

And the support of my family and friends means you will hear a gang of footsteps

I can’t see…

How it all ends

And though it’s inevitable

My concern is with the here and now

What I can control and influence

And it’s not my eyesight that drives this highway called life

It’s all of my senses, combined with what’s within

My experience, my instinct, and my support

All have me prepared to handle anything that comes my way

So anything I can’t see, will be dealt with….accordingly!!


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