Real Talk (Real Emotion)

I wrote this back in 2005, and it still has meaning today and so I felt it appropriate to share again.  Enjoy this Second Thought (Real Talk) throwback.

It seems as if we were never happier than during those times when we were burped, hugged, kissed, changed, and allowed to sleep in the arms of the people who loved us.

             In this age of e-communication, we have begun to lose touch with a lot of the human interactions that make us unique.  We have traded in pure emotions for little smiley faces, and abbreviations that supposedly describe how we feel.  As convenient as this may be, it does not satisfy the internal human need to express ourselves, or be the recipient of this expression, physically and in person.  The letters <LOL> do not replace the pure joy we get from hearing the laughter of someone we care about.  Imagine your kid, your niece, or your god- child…now trade in the smiles you love to see on their faces for the letters LOL on a cold computer screen.  Feels kind of empty right? 

             I will admit that it feels good to get an email forwarded from a friend that says some sweet words, or an email that says I’m being electronically hugged.  But, I would trade in every single one of those emails for an actual hug.  It seems as if we are quick to <forward> and <send> one of those emails to our loved ones, but we are not as quick to give a real hug, or express, one on one, how we really feel about them.

             It’s about time that we put some extra effort in to expressing our raw emotions.  After you come home from work or from school, hug someone you love.  Not the half-hearted hug that you give to everyone, but a real loving hug.  Sit down and talk, even if for just 15 minutes, with someone you care about.  Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while, and hear their voice.  Make them laugh, or listen to them cry.  If you have a special someone, give them a passionate kiss, or just lay in each others arms in silence. 

             All of the medications, yoga classes, and fancy stress relief solutions in the world will never feel better than the feeling of being loved by a loved one.  It’s just that simple.  I wish you a good week….



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