Just Because She’s a Girl (for my fellas)

Hopefully, I’m not alone on this one.  But fellas, have you ever noticed yourself checking out a girl that you don’t necessarily find attractive?  It sounds like an odd thing to do when said aloud, but I’m sure I can’t be the only one.  I can imagine the conversation between a guy and his girl

(Average girl walks by, and guy checks her out while his girlfriend is next to him)

G/F: Did you just check her out?

Guy: Um, yeah…I did.

G/F: Are you attracted to her?

Guy: No, not really.

G/F: So, why did you check her out?

Guy: I don’t know…because she’s a girl.

LOL, okay it probably wouldn’t play out like that, but hopefully you get my point.  I’ve found myself checking a girl out, and asked, “why am I looking at her?”  Sometimes, I’m trying to find something good about her.  Does she have a nice smile, does she have nice legs, and so on?  What redeeming feature does she have?  Sometimes, you have to just settle for, “she probably has a really good personality.”  But why do we even care or attempt to make that judgment?  I don’t know.  Maybe we have a desire to classify people in one way or another….attractive, or not.  LOL.  In any case, it’s not that we want to sleep with, or hook up with them in any way.  It’s just that…they’re a girl, so our mind doesn’t allow us to just dismiss her.  I’m sure some guys have met girls who they originally thought were unattractive.  And over time, personality plays a big part, have found themselves checking out that girl.  Again, it’s just because they’re girls.

There are some girls who you don’t check out at all, but those women are in the minority.

My girlfriend will probably read this, so I feel I should post a disclaimer that prevents her from getting upset with me for this one.  I don’t know what to say though.  I’m just being honest.  Maybe, the best thing I can say is, if you ever catch me checking out another woman, it’s not because I’m attracted to her…I’m just doing a quick once over of a being that I’m genetically supposed to be attracted to, and categorizing them…errr, making a judgment….errr….dammit!!!

Grrr, when I read that last sentence (the genetic part specifically), I feel dirty because I’ve heard some men use similar excuses to cheat.  I’m not condoning that at all.  I’m just saying, a man’s instincts (and I’d guess a woman’s as well…that’s my attempt to let men off the hook), leads us to wandering eyes at times.  Ugh, I’m just digging a deeper hole.  Can we just flush this already?


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