(Not) Spam

I am a second, or a junior, or whatever you want to call it.  If you know me personally, you know that my name is not a very popular one.  I know this, so I don’t expect to run into many people (no one actually) with my name.

I also try to be very smart when dealing with the internet.  One thing I don’t do is open or answer emails from people I’m not expecting an email from.  If it looks suspicious, I don’t open it.  It goes straight into the trash.

Occasionally, I receive an email that is addressed from me.  Immediately I think I’m going to throw it into the trash.  Obviously, someone is spoofing my name and email and attempting to get some information from me.  Then I realize, there is at least one other person with my name….My Dad.  LOL.

It’s sad because it gets me every time.  Arrgh…it’s not spam!!!


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