Something I’ve learned about me…

I hate when people talk too much.  Like unnecessarily talk to much.  I first noticed this at work.  During meetings, I hate when people go on and on about things that are not pertinent to the topic at hand.  I like the quick hit.  Let’s only spend time on things that are important to the topic.  Unfortunately, I don’t normally have control over that.  I’m at the mercy of whomever is running the meeting….if it is me, dam right I will handle that.

But then there’s friends, or rather, acquaintances.  Don’t get me wrong, in a time of need, I’m more than willing to lend an ear.  That’s what friends are for.  But sometimes, I just want to poke their eyes out.  Some people I know like to use the phrase, “to make a long story short.”  But seldom does that lead to a shorter story.  Well dam, how long was the original story??  I hear these words, and I know that’s a code for, “I want you to think that this will be a short story, but I really have a lot to say.”

Then there’s the story that takes the longest possible route to the end. It’s as if you entered a destination in the GPS, and selected “most roundabout route.”  Seriously, I have heard stories that start on one plane…then the story teller decides to give a little more background…then they give background to the background…and then more background to the background.  WTF!!!!  In most cases, the background they’ve given isn’t necessary.  It’s fluff to make the essay longer…I hate long essays for the sake of long essays.  Ugh…anyway, this is something I’ve learned about me and now you know too.  And the older I get, the shorter I want the story to be.  Soon, I’ll just want one word stories…I could only be so lucky.


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