Gift and a Curse..

In the above picture, you have Alicia Keys.  She’s a woman that I have….um….admired for some time.  In my opinion she makes some good music, has great pipes, and is well, attractive.  Her looks alone are of a quality that plenty of men hope to have by their side.  But, can they really handle it?  Can they cope with having such an attractive woman?

I have met, and heard of, plenty of insecure men out there.  These men have issues with their women hanging out with their friends without them present, talking to other men, and other men checking them out.  The fights I’ve heard started by insecure men are absolutely mind blowing.  Which leads me to believe that it’s a gift and a curse for those men to have attractive women on their arms.

I’d like to think of myself as a secure man, and I think I’ve been handling the attention my “Alicia Keys” gets, just fine.  Most notably, the amount of heads that turn is ridiculous.  It’s to a point now, where it’s comical.  I mean, these men have no regard for me….zero, zilch…absolutely none, and why would they?  Oh, and let’s be clear, she’s not walking around dressed like this…


She’s very conservative, but they still see the beauty.  I’m of the mentality that, she’s with me so as long as you don’t do or say anything disrespectful, it’s all good.  I know a younger version of  me might think differently, but I’m beyond those days.  What life will tell you is that, you can’t lock her in the basement (not that I’ve ever tried), and you can’t fight everybody, so you just have to be secure enough.  It’s true, you should be careful what you wish for.  In this case, you have to be mature enough for the gift.  If not, then maybe you should stick to unattractive females, lol.

That’s my food for thought…on today’s train of thought….now flush!!!


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