Body Cleanse

A few years ago, I did a cleanse that a friend of mine had found on Dr. Oz.  I had decided to do it for no other reason that to see if I could.  Okay, that’s a lie.  I also thought a cleanse could be good.   I mean, I eat what I want, and drink enough alcohol, so it couldn’t hurt.  The 30 day cleanse immediately had you discontinue your consumption of red meats.  It eventually let to no dairy (no cheese, which is really tough for me), and finally to an all raw fruit and vegetable diet.  The cleanse allowed me to discover new ways of making food, and new foods in general.  Since then, I only cook with olive oil, I make fruit smoothies for breakfast (not always), and I make a tasty stir fry with brown rice…I have since added chicken and/or shrimp to it, but nevertheless it’s still good and healthy.

I also apparently lost a noticeable amount of weight.  I wasn’t shooting for it, but I’ll take it.  Anyway, I’m currently in the middle of a  day cleanse which is not nearly as strict.  I am not eating meat (seafood included), no alcohol, and I have eliminated dairy once again (why do I love cheese so much).  During this cleanse, I have discovered beans, and their ability to fill.  And you’d be surprised but humus on a rice cake is damn good.  The only problem is I begin to run out of ideas pretty quickly, which leads me to eating the same things over and over, and that can’t be healthy.  Anyway, tonight I will either just do salad or a stir fry (I have these mushrooms I must use soon), but I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow.

And, I’m four days in, and today I started having meat cravings.  Taco’s to be exact.  Weird.  I guess that’s my threshold.  Anyway, three more days, and I’m back to normal, with a few new food ideas.  That works.


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