Gone Camping

Okay, so as I continue my year of new things and new adventures, I am approaching my weekend of camping.  Yes, this weekend, I will be somewhere upstate NY, sleeping in a tent, and roughing it in the outdoors.  Here’s the thing…I have limited experience with camping.  When I was 8 or 9, I recall sleeping in tents in a friends backyard.  Not quite the same thing right?  How about, approximately 10 years ago, I stayed in a cabin.  This cabin had no running water, or electricity, but we did have a generator.   So I feel if I combine the two experiences, I’ve done some serious camping.

Even with that, I’m not sure what to expect.  I can’t quite picture what a campsite looks like.  I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do all day on Saturday, though I think there’s 12 of us going, so I’m not too concerned about activities.  Fishing, swimming, drinking, cooking, and games will probably take up a lot of time.  Sounds fun too.  Okay, but what about the bears?  I assume this should be a serious concern right?  Everyone says to just make sure we put our food away and the bears will have no reason to come around.  Do menstruating females attract them, lol (Anchor Man reference)?  If we happen to see one, what should we do?  I hear you’re supposed to make a lot of noise and appear big.  Easy to say from the comfort of my own home, but how about in his?  What about deer?  Do they pose a threat?  Will I get any sleep?  Is my camping experience a horror movie waiting to happen?

LOL, okay I’m not THAT concerned.  But it is a new experience that has me excited and slightly nervous.  I will say this, so far this year has been a fun year, and I chalk that up to me doing new things and trying different things, so I imagine this will fall into that as well.

If anyone has any advice or information, or funny stories to share about camping, I encourage them.  It will help me prepare.


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