Weight a minute

Here’s a source of confusion for me.  I was never a heavy guy.  By medical standards, maybe, but in reality I was never a heavy guy.  I have pictures to prove it.  Was I bigger than what would look good on my body structure?  Sure.

I was forced to acknowledge this fact after my father mentioned how big I had gotten.  My father never says anything about weight, or at least he had never said anything to me, so this was a wakeup call.  Maybe I had let myself enjoy life a little too much.  So, I went on a 30 day challenge, using something that was on the Dr. Oz page.  The challenge pretty much eliminated dairy and red meats right away, and gradually got me onto a raw fruit and vegetable diet for the final week. 

Honestly, the challenge was more about cleansing than it was about weight, but if it had a collateral effect, so be it.  A few weeks after the challenge, I saw my father and he said something to the effect of, “boy, you’d better eat.  You’re losing the broad shoulders that you inherited from me.”  Okay, right there proved to be that parents are crazy.  But it was true that I had lost weight, so good for me.

Well today, while at work, a coworker (whom I hadn’t seen in awhile) exclaimed, “Oh my God, you’ve lost a lot of weight, looking good.”  Someone who was with her co-signed and said, yeah, you definitely have lost weight and your belly has gone down.  A few months ago, a similar situation happened with another coworker (big office building…)Most people, I guess, would be happy to hear this, but I’m confused because I never thought I was a big guy.

Honestly, my weight loss (from the cleanse) was probably a total of 15 pounds, at most.  Yes, recently I have been running, but I don’t think that has helped me lose any weight.  I don’t feel any different and my clothes feel the same as well.  So I still think I’m in the range of what I weighed after the cleanse, if not a little bit more.  Can 15 pounds really make that much of a difference where people would react so dramatically to the weight loss?  I guess the answer is yeah, but it just makes me think that I must’ve really looked like a fat ass before.  No one ever said that, but I guess that’s what these recent reactions are showing.  Who knew….


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