What are you looking at??

When I was young, and much dumber, I opted to get an earring.  I thought it would be so cool, and I would look so cool because of it.  I mean, what girl wouldn’t like a guy with an earring.  Yeah, rebel.  So, with the weak approval of my parents (they just thought it was stupid, but what do parents know), I went out and got an earring.  As far as I can tell, it did nothing for my reputation with the ladies.  I did have a girlfriend at the time, and I’m sure she liked it, but no big fan fare as I had hoped.  However, in my head, it still was a cool thing to do.

Unfortunately, at some point, while removing one earring for another, I stabbed my ear in an awkward way.  It began to bleed, but I thought nothing of it.  In a few months, I started to see and feel a bump.  It became so profound that it was impossible for me to place an earring in the hole.  What was this?  I soon learned it was a keloid.  Without going into a deep medical explanation, a keloid is mound of scar tissue.  The body, for whatever reason, continues to build scar tissue above and beyond the original scar causing a bump.  Sometimes it’s small, and sometimes it’s large.  They come in all shapes and sizes, but they are definitely noticeable.  It’s a genetic thing, and unfortunately I have more than one, but that’s not the point.  The one on my ear has gotten bigger over the years, and has grown to at least 3x the size of my earlobe.  Needless to say, people see it and even stare.  In recent months, people have even asked about it, which is okay.   I don’t mind explaining it, though it is a little uncomfortable but I’d much rather that than people staring at my ear while talking to me.

Anyway, don’t cry for me, it’s all good.  The reason for this blog is, I no longer know why women are looking at me.  LOL, when walking down the street, I wouldn’t find it strange for an attractive woman to give me “the eye.”  I’m no model, but I’m sure there are some (many….lol) who find me attractive.  The thing is, I no longer know what the reason for the look is.  Are they looking at me because I’m attractive and they’re kind of flirting, or are they looking at the abnormal growth on my ear?  It doesn’t matter because nothing would happen even if they were flirting, but I’m human and I have an ego that likes to be stroked every once in awhile.  Just sucks that I don’t know if I should let these looks satisfy my ego, or make me self conscious.  Ha…I’ll just go along thinking that they find me attractive since I’ll never actually know what they are thinking.  Oh well…..


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