Life can be funny at times….

Life can be funny at times.  For quite awhile now, I’ve been in a really good place.  I’ve dealt with the ups and downs of life, and still been able to smile and stay positive.  I had already known that this was possible because I hadn’t really been dealing with anything too serious.  Part of my new philosophy is to be happy until life gives you something to really be unhappy about.  Reminds me of how many of us heard a similar phrase from our parents when coming up… “you’d better cut out that crying before I give you something to really cry about…”  LOL, funny now but I hated that when I was younger.

But it really has been a good philosophy.  Recently, I had been thinking that I feel so good, that I think I’d be able to handle a truly stressful situation with a good attitude.  Life can be funny at times….I am now faced with what I perceive to be a truly stressful situation.  I understand that my perception is not everyone else’s perception, and I know I can be hard on myself, so that’s why I phrase it that way.  In any case, it’s a work situation and though I think I’ve built a strong positive reputation, I still hate making errors or doing anything that could put my department in a negative light (note, we do not know if I actually made an error, but I’m working under the assumption that I have). 

So, this has been at the top of my mind for the past 36 hours and I feel as if life is testing me.  It’s saying, yes things have been good for awhile now, but have you really changed your philosophy or are you only carrying on as life dictates you should?  Though I don’t like it, I must admit it’s a good challenge.  I need to know if I can still smile in the face of adversity.  Admittedly, I’m not doing so well at this point.  Partially because it feels unnatural to be happy and joyful after having potentially made an error, at least while at work.  Maybe that’s just my misconception of how being truly happy works.  In any case, the initial sting is what I’m dealing with and having to find a way to drag myself away from the initial shock is the issue.  Life can be funny at times…Lessons need to be learned and personal traits need to be challenged to test them, and to ultimately make them stronger.  My goal is to truly smile while dealing with this issue and not let it affect any other aspect of my life.  Adversity tends to have a domino effect, and that’s also what I’m going to fight against.  Compartmentalizing tough times, and allowing the happiness to run free.  There I go sounding like a hippie again.  It’s weekend time…..


2 thoughts on “Life can be funny at times….

  1. dcalciano

    Your not alone. Keeping happy is very hard to do. Life certainly throws us its fair share of unhappiness but I do believe that we grow because of the events not in spite of them. Keep on Smiling and good post!

    1. gtwhitfield Post author

      Thank you. I agree that it is a growth experience. I’ve learned to try and embrace these challenges because, as the cliche says, it will make me stronger. I won’t always be able to take that approach (just being realistic) so if I can, I try to see it as such. Thanks again.


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