Money Legs

I have a theory that I’ve come up with strictly from my observations. That is, that you can tell when a man has money based on how he crosses his legs. Now I don’t know where the line from a little bit of money to a lot of money is, but there is a line.

How do I know? Well, men and women cross their legs in different ways. Women will cross one leg over the other, in such a fashion that the back of the knee on one leg, is directly on top of the thigh or knee of the opposite leg. Men will normally cross their legs in a fashion that will have the ankle from one foot, on top of the knee of the opposite leg. Normally, it would be uncomfortable for a man to cross his legs in the same fashion as a woman. There are….uh….obstructions that would prevent this from being comfortable.

However, even with the obstruction, there are men who can cross their legs in that fashion. I have noticed, that a large majority of those men are in positions of power, and most would assume they have money. I have seen older sports figures, long tenured professors, and senior executives sit like this.

It’s possible it’s a power thing too, but I’m equating it to money for now. Test the theory, and make your own observations. You’ll see what I mean. Or just take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum. Do the poor men in your life sit with their legs wide open? I’m just saying.

Oh, and for the record, I can’t cross my legs like women do. Guess I need to hustle a little harder. LOL


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