5k update

So I am proud to say, that I finally ran and completed my first 5k.  Though me and my P.I.C had done about 8 weeks worth of training, I was still nervous about how we would fare during the actual run. We didn’t finish in any amazing amount of time, but we finished.  I don’t know if the timing is important, but for those of you who are curious, we finished in approximately 31 minutes.  Throughout this whole process, I started out hating, began to like, and then hated the idea of running.  I’m not a fan of it, even at this juncture, but I understand it’s importance in my life at this time (it’s a new horizons sort of thing).  I have at least one other scheduled run and plan to continue running.   Honestly, I can’t see myself not running even when I have nothing to run for.  That’s the thing…I don’t like it, but it feels good to be active.  I don’t necessarily feel that much healthier either…I guess it’s just a mental thing.  That’s not to say that I won’t fall back into my couch potato ways, but I hope not to.

A few observations…this process was a challenge, and I will probably do more 5k’s for the challenge.  I might, and don’t hold me to this, even entertain a 10k.  Running can get boring, so in lieu of either of these, I may consider something I’ve heard of called a Warrior Dash, or if I’m feeling daring…a Tough Mudder.  The latter is a bit aggressive, so I would probably start with a Warrior Dash.  It certainly is more trying physically, but I feel that the idea of thinking of something besides the fact that I’m running, will make it easier.  That was the toughest part of running….well besides the running….it was the constant thought that I was running.  I couldn’t think of anything else, which made it feel that much longer….

That leads me to my P.I.C….hehe…she was amazing throughout the training process as well.  If you’re thinking about doing a run like this, getting someone to do it with you is key.  You will keep each other motivated and the likelihood of your finishing is increased.  That is, however, if you can deal with your life being threatened and scowls while running.  I guess it’s partially my fault since my way of motivating her were corny jokes and generic “you’re almost there’s,” but I ultimately think we helped each other.  It was also helpful to have a few of my neighbors in the actual race with us.  Seeing their faces at the finish line….yes, they finished before us, but they’re pro’s….was a welcome sight.  Matter of fact, having all of those strangers clapping and cheering at the end, and throughout the race, was amazingly helpful.  I briefly had wondered, “what if life was normally like this….what if throughout your trials and tribulations of life, random strangers recognized your effort, and told you how good of a job you were doing, and that you could do it.”  It wouldn’t change much, but it’s a welcome sentiment.  Anyway, that’s not the purpose of this post.  Just wanted to say, I made it, and I’m happy.  Mission Accomplished!  On to the next….


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