Shake Shake Shake….dribble

If you open your eyes and allow for it, you will find yourself learning something new pretty regularly.  I’m a big advocate of learning. But,if you would’ve told me, as an adult, that I’d learn more about how to use the bathroom, I would have thought you were crazy, yet here I am.

I share this learning with you hoping that I am not the last to learn or find out I’ve been doing it wrong all along. LOL. So, before I share, I should advise that this learning experience only applies to men, but ladies feel free to keep reading. I think I’m a pretty observant individual.  I first noticed this a few years ago in the men’s bathroom at work. An older gentleman walked in and instead of.going straight to the urinal, he stopped at the paper towel dispenser. He didn’t wash his hands, so I assumed they weren’t wet. So why the need for a paper towel? He then walked over to the urinal.

I largely paid this no mind until I saw him do it again. “He must be experiencing leakage,” I thought to myself, as he was an older gentleman and I had never seen this. However, in the years since, up to and including this week, I have seen more and more men (young and old) adopting this practice.  Maybe there’s just a lot of “leakers” in my organization, but I doubt that’s it. I mean, the practice actually makes sense. For centuries guys have relieved themselves and shook themselves dry. How many shakes is enough?  And if you’re in a rush, you either shake frantically or very forcefully hoping you have expelled every drop. But I’m sure we’ve all been incorrect in assuming we got it all. So there you are with a wet spot on your boxers (or tightly whities) or whatever you wear. Or even worse, a dribble down your leg. Girls don’t shake your heads, I’m sure you have all done the shake as well and had similar results.  It’s not a frequent occurrence, or at least it shouldn’t be, but it has happened.

That being said, women have had it right all along.  Don’t shake it, wipe it. It’s cleaner and has to be more sanitary.  It’s a complete change in mindset so I can’t say that I will make it a habit. But I will attempt it more often to see if I truly, in practice, think it’s better. Unless you guys tell me anything less, is uncivilized. LOL.

Thought Toilet has finally gone to the bathroom… 🙂


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