Happiness Recognition

I learn new things about myself all of the time. One of the things I’ve learned recently is that I like happiness. LOL, it sounds crazy, but I do. And I don’t just mean my own happiness, though it is very important to me. I mean, I like people around me, people I know, to be happy.

I’m attracted to happiness, and positivity. Not artificial, it should be pure. I think it’s because I’ve spent a large part of my life not emersing myself in the available happiness (see earlier post on not letting myself be happy).  The realization that I can actually be happy for me and about me, has me wanting everyone to feel this way. I want to be around people like that and inspire people to be like that. It’s sadly unrealistic, but that doesn’t squash the desire.  My family, my woman, my friends, and my neighbors are just a few of the reasons. I am blessed. And I didn’t write this to rub your nose in it, I wrote this hoping you would take a moment to see the reasons you should be happy.


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