Who am I?

Is it really possible to start missing someone the moment, and I do mean the very moment, they are not with you?  Can you really spend an entire weekend with someone and miss them by Monday morning?  It seems absurd. Especially if you know you will see them again within a day or two.  Having space from one another is good, and no one wants to constantly be around their bf/gf.  So what weak willed, softy, with no sense of independence can miss someone so soon after having spent a good amount of time with them.

(Raises hand)

Hard for me to admit that since I am king of wanting my own space; fighting for my “me” time. I appreciate the time apart, but I am sometimes left feeling some type a way about our temporary separation.  I guess I should embrace this side of me since it’s probably a good thing. I’m sure some couples can’t wait for their partner to go away. LOL. Again I ask, who am I? 


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