Random Thoughts of the Day

I occasionally have thoughts back up in my head that I need to get out.  So, I need to sit on the thought toilet to feel better.  I felt the need to explain that in case any of you following this hadn’t already figured that out.  Feel free to not read the rest of this post as it will just be my ramblings.

First, is it weird that I’ve never had a Z-pack?  It seems as if everyone in the world has had one before, but I don’t even know what it looks like.  Is it really a pack?  Do you only have to take it once?  Are there multiple pills in one pack, and the pack is a part of a box?  I love Google just as much as the next person, and I know I could just Google it, but not knowing kind of feels cool.  Am I unique?

Also, has anyone ever had an organic fruit?  I have, and the speed at which these fruits deteriorate is quite amazing.  Take an apple for example.  An organic apple can go bad in a matter of days.  Tastes no different than a regular apple, but you’d better eat it quick if you want to enjoy it.  An apple that is not organic, hmmm…well I’ve seen one last a few weeks.  A few weeks!!!!  Am I the only person that scares?  What kind of stuff do they put on/in that thing to make it last so long, and how the hell can that not be bad for me.  Or maybe it’s really good for me (rubs chin)….

Finally, why would someone want to purposely, temporarily, turn off one of their senses?  It seems idiotic since we have our senses to help us live.  Sense of smell, touch, sight, taste, and hearing all are a part of a mechanism that allows us to stay alive.  We can certainly live without one, and can live without more, but no one actually wants to do that.  Yet, we (yes, myself included), do that on regular basis.  Headphones!  Walking down the street, we place headphones or ear buds in or over our ears, removing our ability to hear what’s going on in our surroundings.  Car horns, bees, approaching strangers, etc… Our ability to be completely aware of our surroundings is removed because of our desire to listen to music.  It actually makes no sense, but we do it.  And since it is not a true disability, and is very temporary, our other senses do not make up for the deficiency.  So there we are…vulnerable…just so we can listen to some music.  Why don’t we just cover our eyes with something that will allow us to see pretty mountains while walking around the streets of NYC?  Hmmmm



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