How do I know what’s attractive?

The other day, after a run, I looked down at my leg and saw my veins protruding from my skin.  I exclaimed to my Partner in Crime, “my veins are popping out of my leg.  It’s kind of sexy…I may be a little turned on…”  I do exaggerate, so you should know that my version of “veins popping out of my leg,” is probably nowhere near the image that those words might conjure up.  I’m am not some huge jacked up guy with big arms and legs with veins that resemble lightning strikes.  Which is probably why this vein (yes one, maybe two) caught my attention.  In any case, she (knowing my odd sense of humor) shrugged it off…I believe she asked me if I wanted some time alone.  LOL

The thing is, part of me made the observation so I could catch her attention.  She’d look over at my muscular leg (just go with it) and think, “he’s so sexy,” and want to do naughty things to me right then and there.  Okay, I knew the second part wouldn’t happen, but it still crossed my mind.  However, afterward, I began to do what I do best….over think it.  I am a guy.  As I guy, how would I know what women (she) finds attractive?  Maybe muscles is something that women like, but guys…for centuries (according to the books I don’t read) have done crazy things to try and attract women.  Many of those instances, we are wrong.

It’s funny because men and women do this.  We try to make ourselves attractive according to what WE think might be attractive to someone else.  Yet, it’s almost impossible because we are seeing it through our own eyes…using the hormones that makes us man or woman.  So, we might be good at knowing what the same sex might find attractive in us, but if that’s not what we’re looking for, how do we really know what’s attractive?  Obviously, there are other ways.  Women look at magazines, and guys…well, we use porn to tell us what women really want.  Er, how is that working out for everyone?  Jokes….

Truth is, what makes each of us attractive is different.  There is no universal look, height, weight, style that will make us all attractive.  The key to knowing what makes you attractive is listening to what people have told you.  People have a hard time with this because sometimes it goes against what popular culture might say.  But it’s the truth.  By a certain age, people have told you what it is that you do, say, or wear that makes you attractive.  Listen to those things.  Most importantly, listen to what you think.  What do you think makes you attractive…separate it from what others have told you, what you see on TV, or what you think might be attractive to someone else.  What do you like…LOVE, about you?  The fact that you LOVE that, and embrace it no matter what others may say, makes you that much more attractive!


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