Biological Clocks and Such…

It’s well known that women have a limited time to reproduce, and the fight against the clock (for some) is a fierce one.  I can’t say I blame them.  I understand the desire to be a parent and though I’m not a female, I can attempt to see the fight from a woman’s standpoint.  There are those women who would do anything to have a baby, and I can’t quite see their point of view, but to each there own.  Anyway, enough about women and their clocks.  What about me?  What about my clock?

Sure, I can feasibly make a baby until the day I die, but do I want to?  Who wants to be an 80 year old with a newborn?  I don’t.  At that age, I’d probably want nothing to do with my grand-kids.  Just let me sit in the corner and sip my scotch.  LOL, or better yet, send me a postcard, as I will be in Australia partying it up with all of the money I accrued over the years.  I digress, but seriously when should I begin to panic?  I used age 80 as an exaggeration, but is there an age that I should be concerned with?  I’m only moving into my mid 30’s so I am by no means at “that point” yet.  Honestly, I haven’t really given much thought to kids.  Which is odd because I figured by now, my desire to have at least one would be overwhelming.  I’m way to selfish though, and can’t begin to picture my life with a kid.  But as I look around, lots of friends and acquaintances are heading down that adult road.  So when do I begin to worry?  How old is too old to have a newborn?

More of a concern is, how old is too old to be chasing around a preteen or teenager?  I had friends in high school whose parents were in their upper 50’s, lower 60’s, and boy did they take advantage of them.  I can’t have that, but I doubt I’ll be as sharp in my old age as I am now; and my current level of sharpness is debatable.  I have a co-worker who just turned 50, and has twin (yes twin) sons that are 8 or 9 I think.  He looks like he wants to kill himself on a regular basis.  I see him and then think about myself.  Do I want to turn out like him?  Is there anything I can do to avoid that?  Maybe age isn’t the only factor, but that’s the only thing I can see, so I’m beginning to wonder if there is a clock I should be thinking about.  What about my clock??


2 thoughts on “Biological Clocks and Such…

  1. Catherine Seaman

    Garvin,, it’s Catherine. I have 4 kids. I always told myself I would not have any kids past age 34. I had my last child 3 days before my 35th birthday. Lol.. See, once you turn 35, the obgyn’s office calls your pregnancy “of advanced maternal age”.. Hell no, I was not letting that happen! Lol… Good luck. Just don’t have 4 like me!! It’s way too much work. 😉

    1. gtwhitfield Post author

      From what I can tell, they can definitely be hard work. Having them at a later age, for women, can be problematic. Raising them at a later age, for men, seems to be my problem, lol. Not that women have it easier raising them at a later age, but the males physical presence diminishes. Things like yard work, playing sports with them, or chasing away boyfriends becomes more difficult, so I assume. Guess I’m just not sure what to expect, but thank you for your insight and well wishes. 🙂


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