Pretty Boy Tarzan

Should men care about their skin?  Okay, that seems very random and the obvious answer is yes, right?  Wrinkles, blemishes, and whatever else is something that us men should work toward eliminating.

Does that make one a pretty boy?  Isn’t a man rough and rugged….tough?  That rough and rugged man can’t be seen buying facial cleanser at your local supermarket.  That’s why manicures and pedicures are a no-no. What man in their right mind would allow such superficial upkeep?  Sweet smells and soft skin are for the ladies……right?

I can’t stand a man with dirty fingernails.  I wish my man would cut his hair and/or shave. What’s with all that dry skin on your feet?  Do something about that pimple!

Ah, the mixed messages. Seems to me that women want a man that does some upkeep, but they don’t want to actually witness the upkeep. 
Pound your chest and roar like Tarzan, just look a little pretty while doing it. Lol.  My random thought of the day.


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