Basic Needs (Male versus Female)

I was having a casual conversation with a colleague of mine about relationships, and I made the comment that women are confusing.  I said, jokingly, that men are simple.  There are basic needs we have, and that’s all we ask for.  Everything else stems from those basic needs.  I said those needs were food, sex, and to be occasionally left alone.  When I said it, I was really being facetious, but it lead to a conversation about needs.  My next comment was that women’s needs repeatedly change, and it’s difficult to keep up with.  Again, it was in jest, but I asked her what she thought women’s basic needs were.  She said appreciation, being cared about, and attraction.  Attraction encompasses many things like sex, and being challenged.  We also rolled up being fair, into appreciation.  Admittedly, she had a hard time only naming three as I had done for males, but she left it at that.

Now, I’m not sure how firm I stand on the basic needs of a man, and I realize that both men and women are complicated beings, but I thought this conversation was interesting.  If I had to add one for men, I’d probably say men want fun.  That is so broad, but I think it’s a key component to keeping a man happy.  For women, that would probably fall under attraction.  In any case, I wanted to share the conversation here and see if anyone had any thoughts. It’s an age old conversation, being simplified for the sake of a blog.  So, what are your needs; summed up in three or four words?


Men- Food, Sex, Fun, Occasionally left alone

Women- Appreciation, Cared About, Attraction


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