Run G…Runnnnn!!!!!

Yeah, so I’m training for a 5k. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I have to train for it because I’d like like to think I could just get up and run a 5k with no problem. I mean, it’s only 3.1 miles and real runners, or people who are in shape, could probably do it in their sleep. I’d like to think that I’m no slouch, and that my inner sportsman, can channel the youthful athleticism that I once displayed. I’d like to think that, but reality is powerful and the fact is that I can’t just get up and do it. So, here as I enter my fourth week of training, where the workouts seem to take on a dramatic change towards kicking my behind, I reflect on why the hell am I doing this.

LOL, when I told someone recently that I’d be doing this, they asked “what’s her name?” In actuality, there is no her. I actually blame/credit my neighbor who got me to agree to this while I was intoxicated on New Year’s Eve. I also extend that blame to another neighbor and a neighbors friend who ran the NYC marathon in November. And now I extend that to other neighbors and co-workers who have decided they would like to run a 5k also. Will we all do it? I don’t know, but this running thing has gotten contagious. On a personal level, I hate running. I’d much rather ride a bike. However, in a year where I feel I should try new things, and even face my fears (or things that I hate) head on, this seems to be a perfect thing to put on the agenda. I feel good about my progress so far, and having a running partner helps with the motivation.

Can’t say I’ve lost any weight, and though that wasn’t the goal, it would’ve been a nice side effect. Oh well, I hope I’m ready for the run in the beginning of May. I do not have any timing goals, I just want to finish. So, mild shin splint and all, I will continue to train and check this off of my list of accomplishments. Couch to 5k….cue the Rocky theme music…..


6 thoughts on “Run G…Runnnnn!!!!!

  1. Old 454

    No worries–almost, by definition, nobody can run a 5k in their sleep. I love running now, but years ago I, too, hated it. Then it was mandatory. We use to run a lot, and fast, and I hated it. Now I love it–now that it is purely optional, and that I’ve *regained* my fitness. Hang with it, you may be surprised.

    1. gtwhitfield Post author

      Thank you for the encouragement, and running a 5k in one’s sleep is probably a bad idea, even if it were possible. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve been told that a “runner’s high” may take over and compel me to run even after the 5k. I don’t see it at this time, but who knows, lol. New running shoes might help…hmmm (haha) Thanks again..

  2. B

    I just want to say that all runners start somewhere. I am currently about to start training for a half ironman, but it took that first 5k to start the ball rolling. I wasn’t that into running at the beginning either, now I love it. I hope you find that love too its amazing, and the closest feeling you’ll get to having your body flying without the aid of a parachute, or hang-glider. Good Luck and Happy Running 🙂

    1. gtwhitfield Post author

      Good luck with your half ironman. That’s an amazing goal to set, and I do admire those who take on those amazing challenges. We shall see if I can use love and running in the same sentence, but I am motivated, so that’s a start. Thanks for the encouragement, and I’m looking forward to “flying.” LOL

  3. ruralrouterunner

    Running a 5K is not as easy as it sounds. When you compare it to a half-marathon or marathon it seems like a short distance but for new runners a 5K can be quite challenging. Good luck with your race!

    1. gtwhitfield Post author

      Thank you for your words of encouragement. It’s probably best that I do not compare myself to half marathon or full marathon runners. The 5k is my challenge, so I will focus on that. Thanks again for your supportive words.


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