How Awkward (Inside Jokes)

Inside jokes are a great way to share and reflect on past memories with friends and loved ones without always having to reveal the source or root of the connection. One word or one phrase is all that is needed to conjure up memories of the source, which usually leads to nostalgia and, often times, laughter.

They can, however create very awkward moments. The most obvious is when you are not a part of the inside joke, and you have to wonder if you are the source of the laughter.  The look of concern that crosses your face is usually met with a comment stating that’s “it’s an inside joke.”  It doesn’t always make you feel any better, but since we all have them, it becomes an easier pill to swallow.

However, I tend to find myself in an even more awkward position. It’s probably because I like to laugh, but that’s no excuse.  So, how it goes is, an inside joke is shared between 2 or more people. I witness this, but I don’t realize it’s an inside joke.  I just know that whatever was said sounds funny, even though I don’t completely understand why ,so I laugh. Those who are a part of the joke, know that I am not, and temper their laughter enough for one of them to say, “it’s an inside joke.”  This comment is not usually directed at me, but said in a way to make sure I heard it. So then I slowly fall back off of my “that was funny” laughter, to a laugh that implies that I’m laughing strictly because I enjoy being around such fun people.  And yes, this has happened more than once.



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