Green Eyed Monster

I feel like I frequently find myself in a position of asking myself, “is that too much or too little.”  I guess I could be more specific, but the truth of the matter is, I could find myself saying this for multiple things.  However, today’s thought focuses on jealousy.  It can be a big issue in any relationship, but specifically an issue in romantic relationships.  It can dictate how one acts in said relationship, and can eventually choose the course in which that relationship follows.  But how much is enough?

From a man’s viewpoint, I can tell you that I have no idea, LOL.  Seriously… You can speak to almost any female, and most will tell you that they cannot stand a jealous man.  It makes the man possessive, suspicious, over bearing, and ultimately makes them look insecure.  No woman wants a man that’s insecure.  It’s not, well…manly.  So there are men who will block their jealous feelings to make themselves seem secure and manly.  However, some of those same women would become a bit upset if their man didn’t show jealousy in certain situations.  This lack of emotion makes the man seem disinterested, and uncaring.  Worse case scenario, it makes it seem as if the man either 1) doesn’t think anyone would pay any attention to her or 2) that her world is him, so there’s no way she would look elsewhere.  Both of these makes the man seem as if he’s saying that she’s dependent upon him.  Not many women want to seem dependent.  So my question is, how much is too much or how much is too little?  What situations actually warrant a jealous response?

I know there’s no real answer to this.  It certainly depends on the individuals involved, but sometimes it can be real confusing.  Do you want to see me get possessive when a guy hits on you, or should I ignore it knowing that you can handle it on your own?  If a guy is reckless eye-balling you, should I check him or bask in the fact that my woman is desirable to other men, meaning I’m lucky to have her?  If you’re wearing a provocative outfit on your way out the door to hang out with your girlfriends, do you want me to show some concern about the outfit, or by saying nothing am I showing you how much I trust you and that I value your independence and want you to feel good and sexy as you head out for the night?  Again, I don’t know.  There’s just no concrete answer.  The green eyed monster will just have to rear it’s ugly head and cautiously state his case or timidly back his way into the closet to fight another day.  That’s just no way for a monster to live, but one thing I know for sure is that wreaking havoc will only leave a bigger mess to clean up.  Easy big fella….


2 thoughts on “Green Eyed Monster

    1. gtwhitfield Post author

      Such is the relationship between Mars and Venus…finding balance. Not easily attained, but as long as both are trying…shooting for the same goal, there’s still hope. Otherwise, one will overpower the other, and they will no longer continue to coexist; not in harmony at least. Thanks for your feedback.


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