My Star Watching (Part 4 of 4)

My Star Watching

To all lost and fallen soldiers

You left your footprints in the sand as you left U.S soil

And your aspiration of bearing arms has given me a sense of security

How I wish your loved ones could see you again

If for just a moment

To say an everlasting nothing

That could quiet that deafening silence

Missing you does not seem as if it’s enough

And no amount of tears seems to ever make the pain go away

Sometimes I shed empty tears

Like a dry heave

The pain seems much heavier then

I will eventually come to terms

But make no mistake

Acceptance is not getting over….

I could never get over it, and I’m not trying

Life without you is not the same

Because you have touched many people

Saved many more who don’t even know you

We as a country will never forget you

By name, we may not know you

But your plight will remain in our minds

Your sacrifice will remain in our hearts

You were my soldier who watched over

And taken prematurely

So now you are represented by the sky

The heavens where you now reside

All of you twinkle and shine on us

A presence that will always be felt

Our Star Watching…My Star Watching

Thank you.


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