Nostalgia Interruptus

Here’s a thought

Facebook came on the scene, and has been a huge hit.  People love it, because it allows you to stay in touch with friends and family, share information, and reconnect with people you haven’t seen in years.  It answers that question, “I wonder what so and so is up to these days.”  Beautiful right?

Not so fast….

What has me thinking today, is the idea of how Facebook ruins memories.  How?  Before Facebook, and for that matter MySpace, you had distinct memories of these people from your past.  You had emotions connected to these memories, good or bad.  Memories that created feelings of nostalgia, that you would revisit from time to time.  However, with the advent of these and other social media mediums, we’ve been reintroduced to these people, and the reintroduction has not always been pleasant.  Some of those happy memories have now been replaced with, “wow, s/he is really an asshole,” or “I can’t believe they support that theory/idea/viewpoint.”  Then there are the users who have the pleasure or displeasure of seeing how well or badly some of us have aged and what we have done with our lives.  “S/he used to be so attractive, but look at them now,” or “I can’t believe they married so and so.”  Finally, for those of us who are softies, we may have come onto these mediums hoping to reconnect with someone we were really close with, or had great times with, only to find that we no longer have anything in common with that person.  Not only do you have nothing in common, but outside of a pleasant reintroduction message (assuming you got one instead of a message-less friend request), you have barely said two words to one another.  :-/

However, the glass can be half full.  Maybe you’ve reconnected and it’s been all good.  But does your current relationship blur the original memories?  Would we be better off leaving those people in the past?  Eh (shrugs), maybe your current view of that person is better than your original memory.  If so, I guess it was worth it.



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