My Star Watching (part 3 of 4)

My Star Watching

My child

I gave you life

You gave me youth

And for years on end we exchanged priceless gifts

I learned from you and you became an adult because of me

I have shed many droplets of tears because of you, joy and pain

And the wrinkles on my face represent the smiles that you gave me

Even exchange I suppose

But I wouldn’t have given you up for anything

If I could have gripped you tighter as you got older

I would’ve never let go

You were my Star

My little angel who God had blessed me with

You were a little piece of me

And a whole lot of you

These memories make me want to apologize

The things I could have done differently

I even sometimes said some hurtful things

But through it all, we have made it

Your graduation, and determination to serve

I’m going to make a difference, you would say

Not knowing you already had

If I could only tell you not to take these steps

But you were an adult, and you have to make adult decisions

Sadly, you paid adult prices and now your soul has gone

I still feel your presence

I hear your laughter in the backyard

And the smell from the exhaust of that beat up car

Oddly enough makes me smile…..cry

I look to see you again

My Star Watching


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