My Star Watching (part 2 of 4)

Oh, My Star Watching

My Sweet Wife

I remember that last night

We lay in the warmth of our bed

And we stared in to each other not saying a word

Just smiling

And as the air conditioning hummed in the background

We found comfort in twiddling our toes with one another

And our embrace found two racing hearts

Screaming out to one another…yearning to express their love

Wishing they could reach out and hold each other

Because as morning approached

We knew you would soon depart

For another land of uncertainty

That good-bye kiss meaning ever so much

As the breath we shared when our lips parted

Penetrated every inch of my soul

And sent chills to the back of my neck

The weakness in my knees made me sense something more

You were off to defend our country

And the thought of what could happen would make me sick

But we held on to a faith

A faith that we had built as strong as our family

We would let the Stars be our comfort

They would remind us that life was more than what we could ever imagine

And we could always share that…the Stars

So when I received news of your passing in heavy fire

I swallowed tears because you let it rain on me at dusk

And your salty tears comforted my weak body

Built a strength I didn’t know I possessed, but I see now

I see you

At night I lay…..pray…and gaze

To My Star Watching



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