My Star Watching (part 1)

I wrote this poem, out of respect to all of the fallen soldiers, who have given their lives to defend our country.  Whether we believe in the wars they fought, or not, they should be remembered and honored.  I will split this up into four parts since altogether it would be way to long. I hope you enjoy.

My brother
I remember that last night
We feasted like kings
And as the light flickered amongst the diminishing wax
And the smell of heavy cigars lingered
We reflected upon a time when we were not concerned with days ahead
When tomorrow’s  plans consisted of repeating yesterday’s adventure
But we had faced a new time
The Uncle had called
And your cavalry was riding the next day
So time we shared…reminiscing and enjoying what we had
And as you rode off, the burning in my gut nearly broke me
But I held a strong front, for the support you needed I was determined to give
Be well, and keep your eye on the Star
The Star being the Sun
The one thing we could share day in and day out
When you’re lonely look to the Star
Let it be our companion
I remember those as being my last words to you
My last words to you…..
Who knew that they would truly be
The visit I received
The flag handed to me
The loss emptied me, as each organ felt as if it deteriorated on the spot
On this Earth we will never meet again
But I remember our escape
Our comfort
So as I sit and cry I know I am not alone
I know, that you are My Star Watching


(to be continued)


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